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Beautifully Broken

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Released June 22nd 2018, Plumb’s latest album Beautifully Broken showcases a powerful theme of releasing shame and trusting God’s love, amidst our flaws and insecurities. Describing the 11-track album’s message, Plumb says “Brokenness is a theme for humanity; I’ve experienced a lot of it in my own life. We get so scarred up, and all we see is our brokenness. It’s important to accept that yes, we are broken and flawed, but at the end of day our identity is not found in our mistakes- those aren’t who we are. Who we are is God’s children; that alone makes us beautiful. We need to hear human stories and songs about people going through these battles with brokenness so we can say ‘I’ve been through the same,’ and feel the hope of not being alone.”



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